Surveyor Templates for Condition, Repairs, Voids, Asbestos

With our housing software we have a huge range of building inspection survey templates for capturing data 'out and about' on mobile devices such as Android phones and Windows Surface tablets. The mobile data collection is fast and easy to carry out

Surveyor Templates for Condition, Repairs, Voids, Asbestos

Survey design software using smart phones & tablets to capture data & information remotely. For surveying, property management, housing management, asset management, construction, education, healthcare. For organizations with urgently needed mobile data collection requirements.

Our survey software system has a desktop design component for Windows PCs and a data capture module running on handheld devices such as the Samsung. It offers survey design and data collection in one integrated solution with a small footprint.

Pocket Survey is powerful software suitable for a range of surveying systems; market research or any questionnaire-based data capture system.

Ideal for data collection & data capture by mobile workers such as: quantity surveyors, chartered surveyors, building surveyors, land-surveyors, marine surveyors, chartered building surveyors.

Mobile data collection

Your surveyors can undertake land surveying, quantity surveying, construction surveying, building surveying, surveying for construction, asset and stock condition surveys out in 'the field' using modern handheld computers.

The captured survey data is then transferred to the PC, via the Internet for later analysis by database software such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle or SQL Server our own integrated database and reporting system.

Send surveys results back to base

Each mobile worker has their own cloud storage area to upload the results of their data collection work. A whole days work can be uploaded back to base in a matter of minutes allowing new surveys to be started immediately without visiting the office.

Receive new surveys & work schedules

The administrator of the desktop software can send new surveys and schedules of work to one or more workers. These in turn can be downloaded by mobile workers at their own convenience and at a time best suited to their work schedule.

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Speed up onsite surveying and make your surveying teams super efficient. The mobile app is slick, uncluttered and so easy-to-use on tablets, and even on small phones. You will be able to use it in minutes.

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